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Our products are made from concrete, and finished with an antique finish which brings out the detail and gives an old, mature appearance.

This finish does not need re-painting and should not be painted over.

If you prefer to paint the items yourself, perhaps to match something else, we can supply any item unfinished, in a plain concrete colour.

A few years ago we had two severe winters, when we had minus 18 degrees in Raphoe, we were very pleased to discover that not one of our ornaments, suffered any frost damage. We did however have a heavy layer of snow over everything which would have helped to protect things a little, nevertheless it was quite a test.

Please note that if salt is being used to disperse ice in winter, it should not be used on or near our products or indeed on any concrete surface.

To view our range, please click on the various catagories on the right side of the this page, and then click again on the photos for a larger image.

 If you are not within reach of Raphoe,  

We now offer Nationwide delivery, including Northern Ireland

See 'Delivery' page.

Being heavy and solid, many people think our products can take a bit of abuse, but their being 'heavy and solid' works against them as far as getting damaged is concerned, and if they knock against each other they will get chipped.

Because of this, we ensure that any items we despatch by carrier are well packed.

Recently we have began to use a fully enclosed  Freight Box which has .65 cu. metres of space and can take up to 500 Kgs.

We now despatch to any address in Ireland. For orders under 20 Kgs, we use a heavy duty cardboard carton. For orders over 20 Kgs it is necessary to use a pallet or Freight Box, pallets and boxes are expensive to deliver, so for one or two items, the charge per item will be considerable. However for larger orders the carriage works out much less per item.

If you are not within reach of Raphoe please contact us and we can arrange delivery by courier. We can take card details by telephone, carriage charges are quoted on an individual order basis.

All our contact details can be found on the 'About Us' page

                                                               Norman Holmes

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