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In addition to cash and carry sales from our Raphoe showroom, we can organise delivery to any part of Ireland. Delivery to Great Britain is currently suspended due to Brexit.

N.B. To those who may be interested in selling our products, we are currently at full production and unable to supply trade customers.

Being heavy and solid, many people think our products can take a bit of abuse, but their being 'heavy and solid' works against them as far as getting damaged is concerned, and if they knock against each other they will get chipped.

Because of this, we ensure that any items we dispatch by carrier are well packed.

Recently we have began to use a fully enclosed Freight Box which has .65 cu. metres of space and can take up to 500 Kgs.

We can dispatch to any address in Ireland . For orders under 20 Kgs, we use heavy duty box cartons. For items over 20 Kgs it is necessary to use a pallet or Freight Box, pallets and boxes are expensive to deliver, so for one or two items, the charge per item will be considerable. However for larger orders the carriage works out much less per item.

If you are not within reach of Raphoe, please contact us and we can arrange delivery by courier. We can take card payment by telephone, carriage charges are quoted on an individual order basis.

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